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"25 Years of Success"

Quality Home Care, Inc. has been in operation for over 25 years providing professionalmakers to their community. We work close together to ensure that all your needs are to your full satisfaction, and with your cooperation we are able to ensure that the services are delivered to you by honest and caring individuals. We’ve noticed a great demand for Homemakers due to our aging population.


Reliable help with out the hassle

"Quality care at an affordable price"

We understand that the process in finding Homemakers for your loved one can be a difficult task, allow us to put your concerns at ease. Our agency liaison will be more than willing to meet at your convenience... and together we can create a plan of care that is right for you or your loved one.


Meet some of the most compassionate care givers from Quality Home Care

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Welcome to M.R. Home Care, Inc.


M.R. Home Care, Inc. aims to keep their clients in their home for as long as possible and to enjoy, safe, sanitary living conditions. M.R. Home Care, Inc. strives to provide the best, quality care by selecting compassionate caregivers whose welfare and comforts are not neglected by the company.

"where the legacy began in elder home care"

Understanding the history of who you work for and what they represent is just as important as the care they provide, because without the true meaning of the agency Michalene "Mikki" Rosado's legacy would not exist. In 1986, Michalene Rosado began one of the first elder home care agencies. Their services included light homemaking, companionship, and transportation to the elderly community who were in need of assistance.

In 1988, Michalene Rosado, better known as "Mikki" whom was a single parent on welfare with three children, decided it was time to venture on her own and started M.R. Home Care, Inc. (named after Michalene Rosado). She put forth the same goals and intentions in mind and with hard work and strong determination she started a foundation that would change the social lives of our elderly population forever. At this time no one could ever fathom or foresee one of the largest savings that would allow our clients to receive the care they require and be able to live independently in the privacy of their own homes. Today, homecare is one of the largest growing services needed to face the baby boomers in the years ahead.

In 1995, her son Scott W. Rosado overlooked day to day operations, due to her declining health.

In 1997, Scott W. Rosado became vice president of M.R. Home Care, Inc. and managed 95% of the business as well as caring for his mother. He used those moments to gain the knowledge he acquired from her to move the business in a direction that was the deepest to her heart and put in place the values she possessed.

In 1999, we lost one of the greatest community advocates we ever had. Mikki had passed away on May 8, 1999. Saddened by the loss of his mother, Scott had many challenges ahead and big shoes to fill. While he agrees that those shoes could never be replaced, her legacy will never be forgotten and the traditions she started stand strong on the foundation she created.

In 2004, Scott Rosado and his cousin Miguel Rosado felt the need to provide elder home care service to the Waterbury community and started Quality Home Care, LLC. Miguel works hard to manage the operations of Quality Home Care with the same intent and desire "Mikki" set forth while on her own. Due to her caring nature not only does her formula for success ring true, but the quality of care that is expected by our caregivers to our clients sets our agencies above the bar, as for one day we may need someone to care for us.

In addition, we take pride in the celebration of Thanksgiving Day, continuing a long lasting tradition that was started by "Mikki" over 20 years ago. She made sure that anyone who was left alone, was not well enough, or could not afford a meal was able to jumpstart the holiday season by receiving a traditional meal on the morning of Thanksgiving Day, with all the fixings. Due tothe increasing need, we noticed that every year the requests of meals had gotten bigger and bigger, and as of today we deliver over 750 meals in our community which were prepared by our staff and volunteers throughout the week.

We feel this is truly the way of saying “Thanks for Giving” on this special day.

As of the present, we continue to build by offering Personal Care Assistants to our list of services and can proudly say that together we bring over 30 years of experience through out Connecticut.

Quality Home care locations...

  • top location for elder home care
    Checkout our location in Bristol CT
    Our Business Hours
    Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

    After hours assistance, please call
    Address: 472 Stafford Ave.
    City-State: Bristol, CT 06010
    Phone: 1.860.583.1541
    Fax: 860.314.0347
    Website: ctmrhomecare.com
  • top location for elder home care
    Checkout our location in Hartford CT
    Our Business Hours
    Monday - Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm

    by appointment 1.860.583.1541.
    Address: 151 New Park Ave.
    City-State: Hartford, CT 06106
    Phone: 1.203.885.8996
    Website: ctmrHomecare.com
  • top location for elder home care
    Checkout our location in Waterbury CT
    Our Business Hours
    Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

    After hours assistance, please call
    Address: 1455 Bank St.
    City-State: Waterbury, CT 06708
    Phone: 1.203.597.0840
    Fax: 203.597.1848
    Website: www.Qualityhomecare.com

Our General Info On All Locations

As the need for elder home care grows, we will strive to bring quality care to future locations across Connecticut

Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm, for any emergency or concerns that may arise, we are available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week

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