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5 Things Elderly People Can Do to Live Healthier Lives

Living a healthy life could help your senior loved one minimize his or her risk of heart diseases, joint and muscle pain, and other health conditions. Encourage your loved one to make changes to his or her diet, exercise routine, daily activities, and other things that can boost overall health.

1. Eat Healthy

By eating healthy, your loved one can lower the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. Encourage your loved one to limit the amount of salt, saturated fats, and processed sugar he or she eats. To maintain a healthy weight and stay heart healthy, your loved one should eat foods rich in vitamins, fiber, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients.

2. Socialize

Even if your loved one receives the best care possible, he or she may still feel lonely. However, there are some easy ways to prevent your loved one from being isolated. Visiting with friends and family, taking a short trip to the mall, going to the library, joining a senior-friendly class, or going on a lunch date are just some of the simple things your loved one can do to boost his or her health. Remaining social is a simple way for seniors to stave off the effects of age-related neuropathy.

3. Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Seniors who have a poor night’s sleep are more likely to experience depression, dementia, and nighttime falls. However, getting more rest is a simple way for your loved one to enhance his or her health. Getting adequate sleep can also boost your loved one’s immune system and brain stimulation, as his or her body will be able to rid itself of harmful toxins. To help your loved one maintain better sleeping habits, make sure he or she avoids eating full meals or doing a lot of activity right before bed. You can also speak with a doctor about medications that are affecting your loved one’s sleep.

4. Stop Smoking

It is never too late to stop smoking. Your loved one may experience an immediate health boost when he or she gives up cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products. Smoking increases the risk of dementia, strokes, and low bone density. Encourage your loved one to incorporate positive habits that reduce the desire to smoke, such as:

  • Learning to play an instrument

  • Eating healthy snacks

  • Avoiding stressful situations

5. Follow The Doctor’s Orders

Many seniors develop illnesses and conditions or fail to recover because they did not follow treatment guidelines. Make sure your loved one is taking medications as prescribed and following other orders given by the doctor. For example, if the doctor tells your loved one to relax during the day, consume specific foods, take a certain medication at a specific time, or to get more vitamins, these are things he or she needs to do.

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